Enjoy the Best Spring Kids Activities in Austin

Spring time means many different things, especially for kids activities in Austin. It is a time when everyone is just happy to be outside again after a long winter. For many parents, it is also a time when they have to find new activities for their children to do, especially during spring break. When you are looking for different kids activities in Austin for spring, make sure that you include a trip to The Homestead Plaza. You will find some great shops and services to help with this task. Stop by today to find the best spring kids activities in Austin at The Homestead:

Fun Kids Activities In Austin Can Begin Here

If your kids love Legos and mini figurines, then you must stop at Bricks and Minifigs. They have an incredible assortment of lego sets and supplies. What is most fun is searching through their open bins of blocks and figurines to find the perfect ones for the project your kids are making.

Time To Go Shopping For New Clothes

Spring in Austin is the perfect time to refresh your kid’s closets. Clear out the clothes that no longer fit and take them to Kid to Kid. You can sell the clothes to the store and then immediately go shopping for new clothes while you are there. Upcycling children’s clothes not only makes sense for parents since kids grow so fast, but it is also very environmentally friendly.

Quality Playtime Is Great For Kids Of All Ages

Wanna Play Playcare is a unique daycare setting that offers children a real chance to play while they are at the center. Regular daycare services are available, but you can also schedule playtime for your kids for a few hours so that they can have some fun. 

Our convenient location is only one of the many benefits of shopping at The Homestead Plaza. Looking for more ways to enjoy spring in Austin? Check out our directory today! 

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Enjoy the Best Spring Kids Activities in Austin

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